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Occupy Wall Street Anniversary - Michael Greenberg

On this the 6-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, it’s a good time to check out Michael Greenberg’s 4 articles in The New York Review of Books.  I was too occupied myself with my wife’s illness when it was all going on. As close as I am, living downtown as we do, it still felt like a distant background noise. Reading these thoughtful reports brings it to life again for me. Try them: Immerse yourself!

" The Occupy Wall Street movement that began in Zuccotti Park in New York’s financial district on September 17 has grown to a degree that seems to have stunned even its organizers and most ardent supporters. From the first days, most news outlets, if they deigned to cover the movement at all, ridiculed the protesters for lacking a specific political agenda or concrete demands. They were “leaderless,” “directionless.” But less in this case has proven to be more: Occupy Wall Street’s vague, open-ended character has been crucial to its success. The catchphrase “We are the 99 percent” has a galvanizing succinctness, speaking directly to a wealth gap that has widened over the past decade to a point not seen since the Great Depression.

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